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Wildlife Removal

Need Wildlife Removal in Southwest Virginia? Here at Blue Ridge we handle all types of animals in your home or business. Free Initial inspection for Southwest Virginia Animal Removal

Pest Control

Not only do we handle animals, we also deal with all kinds of insects here in Virginia. Ants, Bedbugs, Bees, Mosquitos, Fleas, you name it. Check out our Southwest Virginia Pest Control.

Animal Exclusion

You can get these animals out, but what if they come back? Here at Blue Ridge, we have experience in ways animals can get into your home. And make sure that they cannot get in. Call for Animal Exclusion Today

Cleaning & Repairs

When Animals get into your home. They will leave a mess. Blue Ridge offers repairs and cleaning to make sure that they were never there. Call today for Animal Cleanup and Animal Damage Repairs

Your Virginia Home is Safe with Us

Here at Blue Ridge Wildlife, we know that your home is your pride and joy. But it can present a health risk and look unkempt with wildlife and pests roaming about in your home or on your property in southwestern Virginia.

Our Animal Removal Experts have been specially trained in Animal Removal specific to your area. They take care of Animal Removal problems in the most gentle and humane way possible. All of our Wildlife Removal Experts undergo a rigorous training program for Animal Control and Animal Removal in order to give you the most efficient and cost-effective solution to your wildlife problem. Our professionals are licensed and insured for your protection and comply with all laws regarding wildlife control and wildlife removal in Virginia. They are equipped to handle animal, pest, and wildlife removal problems such as Bat removal, Squirrel Control, Bird Control, Raccoon Removal, Deer control, Snake Removal, and many more nuisance animals. In addition to animal removal and control, our experts can help you with Wildlife and Animal Exclusion Services, Dead Animal Removal, Damaged Insulation Replacement, and Attic Restoration Services across Virginia.

Our Team can also handle any pest removal and pest control needs you may have. We handle a large range of insect services including bed bug removal, bee removal, wasp removal, mosquito control, spider control, and flea and tick control.

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