Virginia Bird Removal

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Quick Bird Information

Species in Virginia: 487

Common Locations: Vents, Chimneys, Roof, Patio Furniture

Damages: Vents, Furniture, Corrosion

Health Concerns: Salmonella, Parasites, E. Coli

Why Virginia Bird Removal? What Hazards Do Birds Have?

Birds can become a nuisance animal if there are enough of them and if they nest in areas they shouldn’t be. These birds will nest in dryer vents and sides of homes, doing damage, and becoming a fire hazard. That’s not even talking about the parasites and insects that are attracted to birds’ nests. If there are many birds on your property, you also have to worry about bird droppings and their corrosive nature. Birds, are amazing to look at and admire, but they can cause damage and headaches to homeowners if there are many, and if they get into places they shouldn’t be.

Birds in Dryer Vents and Birds in Bathroom Vents

Having a Bird in a Dryer vent or a Bird in a Bathroom Vent is the most frequent call we get here at Blue Ridge. Frequently we have to remove the nest as this is a major fire hazard as the nest blocks the heat and lint from escaping making it a tinderbox ready to ignite at any time. Many house fires have been attributed to animals nesting in these vents. But this is not the only hazard. When birds make nests in other areas such as bathroom vents they also attract insects and parasites in that vent. We have gotten many calls due to people using the bathroom and finding insects and even maggots coming out from their vents into their bathroom or kitchen. Of course, when there are insects and maggots, there are also bacteria and other diseases that can be pumped into your home. Including such diseases as salmonella, E. coli, histoplasmosis, and cryptococcus.

Bird Flying out of Vent - call for Virginia Bird Removal

Dangers of Bird Droppings to Your Home

Bird Droppings are off putting and makes your home, driveway, or car look awful. But they can deal irreversible damage to your property, especially when they are in great numbers. These droppings are acidic and cause corrosive damage to metal, concrete, and paint. As an example, if there are untreated droppings on the roof they can rust away the nails and supports on the roof and can cut the life expectancy of the roof by half.

Bird droppings are good at wearing down concrete and wood, which will destroy your deck and patio if they haven’t been treated in a while, and in large numbers will wear it down even faster. This is why we recommend that if you do have a bird feeder keep it away from your patio or deck so they wont roost and poop all over your deck and patio.

Flock of Pigeons and their Droppings

Our Bird Removal Services

Bird Removal here in Virginia can be tricky due to the Migratory Bird Treaty Act this prevents us removing birds such as ducks, doves, cuckoos, hawks, owls, and woodpeckers. While we can’t remove them, we can definitely exclude them and make sure that they cant come back. However it is worth noting that we do have Geese Removal permits, and we can remove geese from your property. Our Bird Removal services comes in 3 steps: Bird Inspection, Bird Removal and Bird Exclusion, and Bird Damage Repairs and Cleaning.

Free Bird Inspection

We offer Free Inspections and no obligations. That means if you think you might have a bird in your walls or a bird in your attic feel free to call us! At Blue Ridge we have special cameras that can go into vents and tight places to find these animals. Our technicians are certified and has the skills to use these equipment efficiently and quickly. That also means that they can find the ideal locations where birds like to nest in your home, and know what kind of bird they are dealing with. Each bird, and home is different, and we specialize in knowing the ideal method of extraction and exclusion for your home. After the inspection our technician will go over with you the plan for your home so that you will know exactly what he or she wants to do and the cost to go forward.

Bird Exclusion and Bird Removal in Virginia

We have a variety of ways for bird exclusion here in southwestern Virginia. This includes, Bird Netting, Bird Spikes, Bird Barrier®, Shock Track®, Flex Track®, Electric Bird Track, and even sonic bird exclusion devices. Each home is different, and not every method works for every home. This is why our technicians are trained to know what method works for your and your home.

Our bird removal methods are humane, and we strive to make sure that we will remove these birds without hurting them. This means that exclusionary tactics are important to keeping your home safe. Because if a bird can get into your vent, then others can after we remove them, or even the same one. We install grates and other fencing tactics to not only looks good on your home, but be effective in keeping them out.

Dryer Vent cover for Bird Exclusion

Repairs and Cleaning

Birds will do major damage to your vents and property. While they are gone, the nest and mess inside the vents and the guano on your home. If left unchecked, the nest will attract parasites and become a fire and health hazard. Here at Blue Ridge, we also offer cleaning services to make sure that your home is safe and clean. We will replace damaged wood, insulation, and walls to make it as if you never had bird issues.

Do you need Bird Removal, Exclusion, and Repair services here in Southwestern Virginia. Give us a call or send a message today!

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