Doe looking right at you. You might need deer control

Deer Problems Here in Virginia?

Deer, especially white-tailed deer are everywhere here in Virginia. With us encroaching on their habitat they are moving closer and closer to human homes and suburbs. Having deer in your yard is beautiful, and pleasant to look at. However, they will start eating your plants and grass and destroy your landscaping and shrubbery very quickly. When mating season starts, the stags can get aggressive, making it dangerous to be around them.

We at Blue Ridge Wildlife & Pest Management offer full deer management and deer repelling programs for those at home and for businesses. Our services are effective, and most importantly humane.

Damage Caused By Deer in Roanoke Virginia Professional Deer Management is needed

Virginia Deer Management Done Right

Damage from deer is annoying and devastating to those who work hard on their lawn and plant-life. Worse yet, deer repelling products are not cheap and may not even work. You will have to keep applying the product, to keep it effective, and they may wash away in the rain. Hunting doesn’t work because you will need permits, see if they are in season, and you have to keep constant vigilance on your property.

Our Deer Management program is made so that it will cover a large area easily, rain resistant, and change the repellent formula so the deer do not get used to it. Our program is humane, and we focus on deterring rather than poisoning or hurting wildlife.

Our Deer Management Program


We will do a thorough inspection of your property to find what damage the deer have done, the extent, where they are coming from, and the types of plant life in your yard. We do all of this to make sure how our program will suit you, and to make any changes to it. Each home, business, and park is different, and each have different needs. Each species of deer is different as well, and finding the species that is invading your home is key to know how we will go with our deer repelling and deer management program.

Deer in the backyard. Deer control can keep them away


We strive to make our application process effective, thorough, and only as much as necessary. That’s why we use foggers to coat the vegetation with our product. So that it will be thorough, but not overpowering. This makes the vegetation taste awful, and burn their tongue as if they ate a bowl of peppers. We add additives so that when it rains, our product does not wash away. We spray all the problem areas such as trees, shrubs, gardens, and grass. While it is vile to deer, it is not harmful to your plants or any pets.


We will reapply the repellents every few weeks. This is so that the deer do not come back after the repellents have faded. We have found deer to be rather smart when it comes to food, and deer management programs. So we will change the formula every now and then so they do not get used to the taste.

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