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Virginia Roach Control

Virginian Cockroach in the Shower

Quick Roach Information

Species in Virginia: 23

Common Locations: Kitchen, Floor Drains, Inside Appliances

Damages: Food, Sanitation

Health Concerns: Allergy, Cholera, Dysentery, Plague

Cockroaches in Your Virginia Home?

Nothing can be as bad as a cockroach infestation in your home. These pests usually prefer to be outside, but when conditions are right such as shelter and ample food sources, they will readily move inside. They are messy and diseased, and the worst part, once you get them they are a pain to get rid of for good. The good news is that roaches do not do any damage to your home, unlike the other pests we handle such as birds, termites, and bats. The bad news is that what they don’t do in the damage they make up for it with severe health hazards.

Damage to your Home

Cockroaches do not do any damage to your home. They do not tear up walls, damage supports, or tear up furniture. These pests are generally harmless to your home. But you do not want them in there. Because in enough numbers these roaches can damage something else. Your Health.

Health Hazard

Individually, cockroaches do not present many health risks. However, in large numbers, the danger of infection and sicknesses increase greatly. In large numbers, roaches can give you cholera, Typhoid fever, dysentery, and plague.

In large numbers, you can develop allergies to roaches. These allergies will lead to skin rashes, coughing, wheezing, ear infections, and sinus infections. In extreme cases, the allergy can make people allergic to pre-ground coffee. The amount of dust produced by roaches will trigger asthma attacks if there are enough of them.

Virginia Cockroach

Our Roach Services

Here at Blue Ridge Wildlife and Pest Management, we know that the removal of roaches is your top priority. But these pests are a pain to remove entirely if not impossible without professional help.

We offer a free full inspection of your home for roaches and other household pests such as bats, rodents, ants, bees, and spiders. That way we can find not only your cockroach problem at no cost but also other problems that may plague your home. After our inspection is when we start our pest control program, where we use safe chemicals to kill and repel these pests.

Free Cockroach Inspection

If you have cockroaches around your home, and you are not sure where they are coming from, or if they are getting into your home in the first place do not worry! Here at Blue Ridge, we offer a free no guaranteed inspection. This means that we will come over and inspect your home for free, and we will also search for other problematic animals and insects that could also be in your home. Because if you have one pest, you will attract predators such as mice and snakes.

Our technicians are experienced biologists who know where these pests like to nest and can pinpoint exactly where these cockroaches are getting into your home and kitchen.

Roach Removal in Virginia

After our inspection, we will come back with our team of pest control professionals. Due to the roaches’ behavior, we will spray and reinforce areas in and around the infected area. Our chemicals are EPA-safe and are safe around animals and children. We use a variety of different chemicals depending on the situation. We use sprays, dust, and pellets as each home is different and requires different tools.

Our chemicals also have the added benefit to kill and excluding other insects as well such as ants and spiders. A roach-free home is a safe home, and we strive to make sure that your roach problems will be a thing of the past.

Frequently Asked Ant Questions

Do Cockroaches Bite? Yes. But it is extremely rare for them to bite. You would have to be in an extreme situation with them for them to try to bite you. The bites are not dangerous and are your standard bug bite.
Can Cockroaches Fly?

Only 2 species of cockroaches here in Virginia can fly. They are the American Cockroach and the Virginia Cockroach.

What Attracts Cockroaches to your Home?

Roaches are attracted to places with an abundance of food. So dirty dishes, leftover food trash, crumbs, etc.

Roaches are more active in the summer and prefer warm, humid environments. Especially areas with extra moisture.

Will Cockroaches Go Away on Their Own?

They will not. Even if you leave the home alone for months, the roach infestation will probably get worse rather than get any better. If you notice you have roaches you must act quickly before they start to set in.

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