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Animals Converging into Roanoke Virginia

Roanoke Wildlife Removal

Humane Wildlife Removal in Roanoke

Blue Ridge Wildlife and Pest Management is a full-service animal control company located in Blue Ridge Virginia and is here to help your Roanoke home from your wildlife issues. Everything from inspection, removal, and exclusion to repairs, we have the services you need to help you remove raccoons, snakes, bats, and other wildlife out fast and permanently. We will do our best with all your Roanoke Wildlife Removal needs!

What we do is inspect the property for free, to find not only your specific wildlife issue but others that are there. Then we use humans and safe methods to remove the animal and start working to exclude it from your home so it and any other animals like it won’t come back again.

After the exclusion is where we start with repairs so that it didn’t even look like an animal got it. Contact Blue Ridge Wildlife today!

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Where Animals Are in Your Roanoke Home

Chimneys are the largest opening for animals to get into your home. Raccoons, Birds, and Squirrels love to nest in chimneys, and sometimes they fall in and land in your living room! We offer chimney caps to make sure that they cannot get in, and to let the smoke out without any issues.

Wildlife on your Roanoke roof may not seem like an issue. But eventually, they will want to get inside and cause damage when they do. Animals such as raccoons or squirrels love places that are hard for predators to get into and a safe place to build a nest to raise young. And areas such as the inside of your roof are ideal. If you are unsure if you have animals in your attic call us for the premiere Roanoke Wildlife Removal today for a free inspection

Vents such as dryer vents, bathroom and kitchen vents, and attic vents are one of the easiest ways wildlife can get into your home. If they are uncovered, it is a hole that leads directly into your home! they are great places for birds to build their nest and is a major health and fire hazards if not taken care of.

Places such as kitchens and bathrooms are other places where you can find wildlife in your home. Snakes and Rodents are the calls we get the most in the common areas of the home. And if you have snakes, odds are you have prey in your homes such as insects or rodents.

Soffits (The overhanging part of the roof) and gutters are extremely common areas where we find wildlife. Water damage can make small holes allowing animals such as squirrels and rodents to crawl through to get access to your home, and are a pain to get rid of on your own.

Raccoons, skunks, moles, and more are infamous for lawn damage. But not only that, but you also have to worry about snakes such as the Copperhead and the Timber Rattlesnake. We offer snake repellent and other wildlife repelling services to make sure that they do not come back

Many species of wildlife love to be in your basement or crawlspace. Snakes, Raccoons, and rodents are but a few we find down there. Basements are easy to get to and make it an easy home to hide from predators. Or in some cases such as snakes, a place to find prey.

Skunks, raccoons, and even snakes like to be underneath your deck and patio. One is venomous while the others can cause damage to the deck and your home. Getting these animals will be cramped and extremely dangerous as your face will be on their level. Calling a professional is highly recommended.

Once wildlife can get in, they will rarely show themselves to humans. The vast majority of the time, if they are inside, they are in your walls. At Blue Ridge, we find that exclusion and removal work best. To keep them out of your walls, we need to find where they are coming from. Unsure if you have wildlife in your walls? Call us for premiere Roanoke Wildlife Removal Today!

Wildlife in Roanoke We Encounter


Caught Virginian Raccoon - Virginia Raccoon Removal

You wont be finding these animals out during the day as they are nocturnal. This means that if you want to catch them in the act, you have to be out late at night to find them. Despite how they look, their jaws and claws are powerful and can easily cause damage trying to get in, and to your home once they are inside.

Raccoons carry a plethora of diseases such as Rabies, Roundworm, and Leptospirosis. And when they are threatened they will attack quickly. Due to this you should never approach a raccoon especially if it’s during the day and instead call a wildlife removal company to remove the animal from your property.

Inspection – Our free inspection includes finding evidence of the raccoon such as footprints, droppings, and the damage they have caused. This includes large openings near the roof, walls, and soffits.

Removal and Exclusion – To remove the raccoons humanely, we use bait and traps near the entrance areas. Then we install one way doors to make sure that those that are still in the home can leave, but cannot get back in.

Repairs – Once the raccoons are removed then we will start repairing the damaged areas. We will remove the one way doors and seal the entrance areas and replace any destroyed or contaminated insulation. Our disinfection process includes removing and fecal and animal matter, while also spraying the area to inhibit bacteria and parasite growth.


Bats are extremely vital to Virginia’s Ecosystem, and are a great animal to have to keep the insect populations down. However, they are not great when they are roosting in your home. Bats carry a large amount of diseases from themselves and their guano which will collect in your attic or wherever they are roosting at in your home. This guano will cause respiratory issues which can be fatal to children and the elderly. It will also attract parasites such as fleas, mites, and bat bugs.

Bats are nocturnal and are easily spotted during dusk when they awake and leave their roost. They can be found in holes in your attic, basement, roof, and soffits. These holes can look like mouse holes and can be rather small. If you spot a bat during the day do not approach as bats out during the day is a sign of rabies. In fact you should not approach bats at all. Instead you should call a wildlife removal specialist that is trained in bat removal. To learn more about bats click here.

Inspection – Our free inspection includes searching the roof for any openings as this is the most common area we find bats, we check for bat droppings or guano as they will always be present at or near these holes. We will then check the chimney, fascia, soffit, and attic vents to find evidence for these bats.

Removal and Exclusion – At Blue Ridge we strive to remove bats as humanely as possible. Due to this, our removal and exclusion program is the same. We do not physically remove the bats, but instead install one way doors so that they can get out, but cannot get back in. Because in our 20 years of service, we learned that the best method of bat removal is bat exclusion and not with any ultrasonic or repellent sprays

Repairs – After we have confirmed that all the bats have left we will then seal up the entrance points and then we start with the cleanup. Bat guano is messy and hazardous, our professionals come with respirators and other protection to protect themselves. Due to this, it is very recommended to get professional help to remove bat guano. Afterwards we will also replace any contaminated insulation.


Bird Flying out of Vent - call for Virginia Bird Removal

You would not think Birds are an issue for homeowners, but these wildlife love getting into your vents to build nests there. These nests will clog the vents and will become a major fire hazard if not treated quickly. Their droppings leave many diseases and their nests will attract parasites. It is not uncommon to find insects coming out of your bathroom or oven vent due birds nesting in the vents. Woodpeckers can be found here in Roanoke and will cause damages to your home. They will make hundreds of holes in the sides of your home. These holes they make can get bigger and then other animals will be able to get into your home. Removing birds from vents can be difficult especially if they are located on the second floor. Consider calling in a professional.

If you want to learn more about Bird Removal click here.

Inspection – Our free inspection includes searching the vent if it has any covers or a damaged cover. Normally vents come with these to prevent animals from getting in, but they can get damaged over time. Then will will look in the vent with cameras to find the nest and any bird guano. We will also search for any nests outside the home especially if you have a woodpecker.

Removal and Exclusion – First we remove the birds from the vents and cleanup the vent by removing the nest and cleaning the droppings. Then we will install a vent cover that matches the look of your home so it won’t be out of place. We also offer, bird spikes and bird netting to keep them from nesting in certain areas. We also use mechanical, visual, acoustic and sprays to deter birds. Not every home is the same so we offer a wide variety of solutions to keep any species away.

Repairs – In almost all cases, bird repairs is cleaning and sanitation. We will clean and remove nests from vents, and we will clean off any guano that is on your home or property.


Many people fear snakes here in Roanoke, but snakes play a vital role for the ecosystem here in Virginia. Snakes help bring down the rodent and insect population, and can help control the pest population in your yard and home. Snakes do not do much if any damage to your home, and prefer to be left alone. So much so that if you do find a snake in your yard the best method is to leave it alone until it goes away. However, in Roanoke we have 2 species of venomous snakes the Eastern Copperhead and the Timber Rattlesnake. These snakes should not be approached and be left alone as a bite will lead to the emergency room. We know that your family and pets come first. So if you have one of these snakes or you are unsure call a professional to remove these snakes. To learn more about snakes click here.

Inspection – We will look for evidence of the snake such as snake skin, feces, the snake itself, and most importantly, its prey. Snakes only come to areas with an abundance of food, and if you have a snake in your home or yard you have prey animals running around in or around your home. Call us for a free inspection.

Removal and Exclusion – Our priority is to safely and humanely remove snakes. We will relocate and release the snakes according to Virginia Law.

Repairs – Snakes do not damage homes, but we will gladly remove snake skins and feces from your property. Afterward, we at Roanoke Wildlife Removal will discuss how to help keep snakes away from your home.


Roanoke Gray Squirrel Caught by one of Our Technicians - Roanoke Wildlife Removal

Here in Southwestern Virginia we have two different types of squirrels: Flying Squirrels and Tree Squirrels. While both are squirrels they have very different habits. Flying squirrels can glide and are nocturnal while tree squirrels do not glide and can be found out in the day.

But, squirrels can be a menace to your home. They can rip apart shingles, make holes in the soffit, and start nesting and having babies in your walls and attic. Much more importantly squirrels are large vectors for diseases. Especially flying squirrels as they can have Typhus a disease that is common with flying squirrels or their nests. If you would like to learn more about squirrels click here

Inspection – Our technicians will inspect your house looking for squirrel activity, such as openings in your home, droppings, or nesting debris. Other small details such as claw marks on the gutters where we see signs of them trying to get in.

Removal and Exclusion – Squirrels are very difficult to catch due to their paranoid and are quick to flee. Due to this, we outsmart squirrels with one way doors, live traps, and deterrents. We make sure to trap this squirrels as humanely as the State of Virginia allows.

Repairs – If we discover and squirrel damage to your home such as soffits and gutters, we will repair them on site. We pride ourselves in making sure that your home will look just like it did before the squirrels started to make a mess. This includes, decontamination, nest cleanup, and removal.


A Rat here in Roanoke - Roanoke Wildlife Removal

Rats are a menace due to them having babies very quickly and very frequently. Once you start having a rat infestation getting rid of them quickly is nearly impossible. Rats can invade anywhere. From low income housing to million dollar mansions you can still get rats, as every home has what they want, food.

Rats cause property damage, spread disease, and eat your food. They also carry parasites such as fleas and ticks, which themselves have historically been a source for humanities’ worst diseases in the past, and today. They also cause large amounts of damage to the home by chewing on wires which can start fires, and make a mess of other building materials such as insulation and wood.

Inspection – Finding rats are not difficult as they are extremely messy. We often find droppings and nests very quickly if you have a rat problem. We look for signs of an infestation such as droppings and movement in the walls, ceiling, and floor.

Removal and Exclusion – Each home is different, there will be a difference between a home in the forest near Arcadia and a home in Cave Spring. Normally we use one way doors and sprays to keep the rats away, but we will go over with you our plan for your unique home.

Repairs – Our team can apply caulk in cracks, seal holes, and install mesh in the vents. We will also cleanup after the rats such as removing nests, and cleaning droppings.


I thought birds were nesting in my home’s chimney but the sounds and unwelcome visitors turned out to
be raccoons. I called Xceptional and Cedric came on April 9 to inspect and give me an estimate. I was able to schedule the work of trying to trap them for the week of April 12 and he or another worker, Jason, stopped daily. Cedric trapped the main raccoon and removed the others from the chimney. He was pleasant, professional, and mindful of the fact that I was very unnerved by the raccoons. The original estimate stood and I was happy to pay the price.

Barbara Vancheri

Cody did a great job taking care of an area under our awning where birds were nesting and recommended a couple of other bird-proofing tricks for the house. A year later, we noticed some birds still perching on an awning ledge and making a mess in the front of the house. Cody was happy to come back out and move the flashing up to help stop them.

Great customer service!

Nate Allison
I had a bat issue and contacted Blue Ridge Wildlife & Pest Management. They scheduled Cody to come to my house for a free inspection and quote. Cody was totally thorough, personable and professional. I signed the contract that day. Cody came back out and did an excellent job. He completed each step of the process seamless and with no interruption to our daily fives. The bad experience of having the bats was quickly resolved by Cody. I would hire the company again if I have any wildlife issues. They even guarantee the work for a year with the ability to renewal the warranty after the year.I can not say enough praises about Blue Ridge and definitely the most praises go to Cody for the job he did.
Bridget Butler

Frequently Asked Wildlife Questions in Roanoke

When Should I Call Wildlife Removal?2022-12-09T18:16:27+00:00

If you believe you might have an animal getting into your home you have to call as soon as possible. The longer you wait the more damage the wildlife can do to your home. They may start nesting and starting to have babies and suddenly instead of one or two animals to deal with you have a whole family!

At Blue Ridge Wildlife & Pest Management we offer free inspections, if you are unsure do not worry as we will still do a thorough inspection of your home for your main issue and any others that we can find. You are in safe hands with us!

Is There Any Seasonal Activity for Wildlife in Southwest Virginia?2022-12-09T18:02:36+00:00

Mice and Rats tend to be active all year, while they may not go out as much during the winter, they can still be found inside where it is warm. But most pests are active during the Spring, Summer, and Fall.  Bats however tend to be more active in the early fall as they will be on their way to their nesting spot for hibernation.

We serve all throughout Roanoke, all the way to Appomattox down through Wytheville, and more!

If you are unsure if we are in your area give us a call!

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