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Quick Raccoon Information

Species in Virginia: 1

Common Locations: Attic, Shutters, Gutters

Damages: Roof, Insulation, Wiring

Health Concerns: Rabies, Parasites, Leptospirosis

Raccoon Damage and Health Risks

Raccoons are very messy animals. Many people today are giving them the nickname “Trash Pandas” for their penchant to get into your garbage and make a mess of things. Sadly, these creatures can cause a lot more damage than toppling over some trash cans.

Like all animals, they want to shelter from the elements and predators. And if they can get into your attic or crawlspace that would be the perfect spot for them to rest, and give birth. Their feces has harmful bacteria and parasites, and if you get bit, you will need a rabies shot just to be safe, becoming a major health hazard.

Damage to your Home

The number one call we get when it comes to raccoons is that they are in the attic or walls. And when you have raccoons in the attic, the amount of damage they can do is massive. These animals will chew wires, tear up insulation, chew up wood, and if left for too long, can bust through the ceiling onto your lap! These animals are very destructive and will cost you thousands of dollars in repairs if they are not caught soon enough.

These animals can get into your home by making holes in your roof, broken shingles, or through holes in your gutter. Here at Blue Ridge, we offer Raccoon Damage Repair, we replace wires, replace broken wood, and we also offer full insulation replacement. Our goal is to make it as if you never had raccoons in the first place.

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Health Hazards of Raccoons

Raccoons don’t only damage your home, they also damage your health. Even one raccoon is enough to cause major health concerns such as Baylisascaris, an infection caused by roundworm. There is also Leptospirosis, which is formed from their urine. These bacteria will cause fever, chills, vomiting, jaundice, abdominal pain, diarrhea, and a rash. When there is enough, your attic or crawlspace will be covered in the stuff which can be spread through air particles and skin contact.

Another health concern is rabies. Rabies can be spread through bites of infected individuals and is 100% fatal. If you are a bit, please go to a doctor to get a rabies shot, because when you show symptoms a month after being bit, it is incurable.

Damage to Attic from Bats

Get Tested if You Have Been Bit

There is a possibility that the raccoon will have rabies. While there is only 3 cases a year here in the US, once you start showing symptoms it is 100% incurable. If bitten it is cheaper to trap the raccoon and then get it tested for rabies. Sadly the testing process will kill the raccoon. Avoid trapping raccoons without proper protection.

Our Raccoon Services

Here at Blue Ridge Wildlife and Pest Management, we know that the removal of these pests is your top priority. We recommend allowing a professional to handle these animals, as we have the training, skills, and equipment to remove them safely and humanely. These pests love to be in hard-to-reach places, and without equipment, can lead to bodily harm from attacks.

We have 3 steps to make sure your home is safe. First is a free inspection, then we do removal and exclusion, and finally, we do cleanup and repairs. Depending on your needs we might do repairs first, or our repair process is also our exclusion process. At Blue Ridge Wildlife Management, we know each home is different, and each situation is different, and we have the tools to properly secure your home.

Free Raccoon Inspection

Do you suspect you have raccoons? At Blue Ridge Wildlife Management, we offer Free Inspections with no obligation to it! Our trained specialists are certified to know where these animals can get into your home, and can find access points easily. We have the proper tools to look into hard-to-reach places such as crawlspaces, or in the walls. After our inspection, our technicians will give you their plan on how they will remove the raccoon and our removal and repair methods. We will inform you step by step and will be upfront on how we will do it, and the cost.

Raccoon Exclusion and Virginia Raccoon Removal

At Blue Ridge, we will do our best to remove the raccoons from your home. If we cannot get to them that day that is when we will implement our Raccoon trapping and Raccoon exclusion program. This is where we will set traps near the entrance points to gather as many of the raccoons as possible. We do this in conjunction with doing repairs and installing a one-way door. This way, they can get out, but they cannot get back in. We have to do both otherwise they will make a new entrance area causing more damage. Our Virginia Raccoon Removal experts will make sure that not only does your home look like how it did before the raccoons came in, but also to make sure they don’t come back.

After our exclusion and traps are set up we will check frequently, so that we do not cause these animals to suffer, and make changes to our setup if it’s not working to our standards.

Raccoon Damage to Roof Here in Virginia

Repairs and Cleaning

They are finally gone, but there is still a mess in the attic. Chewed wood, broken walls, destroyed insulation, and poop is everywhere, and we will repair them all. At Blue Ridge, we offer cleaning services and insulation replacement. Because while they are gone, their mess and the health hazards they contain are still there. And your insulation will become less effective making your heating and electricity bills go up.

Another issue is that their messes will attract other pests such as insects, which will attract larger pests such as snakes and mice. Making sure your home is safe is our priority, and we will make sure that every nook and cranny is clean and disinfected.

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