Animals Converging into Salem Virginia

Wildlife Exclusion

Exclusion – We Keep Them Out for Good

At Blue Ridge Wildlife & Pest Management we use multiple methods for wildlife exclusion. Because we know that each home is different, and that each animal is different. Which means that using the same method for every situation will not work, and in some cases, will make the issue worse. Our prevention services is made with your home and wildlife issue in mind.

Our Other Animal Exclusion Methods

  • Repairs – We fix and reinforce holes caused by wildlife trying to get into your home. Such areas as underneath the soffit, the siding, and the roof.
  • Porch & Deck – We install durable walls around the base of your deck to keep animals such as skunks, rodents, and snakes from getting underneath your deck.
  • Roof – If you have a bird issue we install bird guards such as spikes and sensory elements to prevent animal entry.
  • Trees & Landscaping – We remove tree limbs that can lead wildlife to your roof. We will also do edge-work to prevent wildlife entry to your garden and home.
  • Additional Vents – We really do cover all vents in the home. These include Roof Vents, Plumbing Vents, Bathroom Vents, Oven Exhaust, and Attic Vents. We do all of these to make sure that there will be no unwanted wildlife entry.

Wildlife Exclusion Over Extermination

Since 1997, Blue Ridge has understood that the best method for wildlife removal is wildlife exclusion and deterrent. If we make your home unappealing to wildlife, and make it hard for them to get into then you will never have these issues again. While removing the animal will solve the current issue, if one can get in, so can others. Soon you will need to call another animal removal company to get rid of the same animals you had a few months or even weeks earlier. A complete inspection, and exclusion methods is required to keep your home safe in the future, and to prevent headaches.

We know the animals here in Virginia, and we know how they like to get into homes. Due to this, we can easily pinpoint where they are getting into your home, and how to stop them. Our trained professionals are trained and ready so that when they are at your home, they know exactly what animal you are dealing with, and how to eliminate wildlife invasions in your home or property. If you are still unsure we offer free inspections for not just the wildlife issue you have but for any other you might be dealing with.

Attic Vent Cover for Wildlife Exlusion

Humane Wildlife Exclusion

We love wildlife, and we never want them to suffer, which is why humane wildlife exclusion has been our business model since the beginning. We use safe and environmentally responsible techniques for taking car of nuisance wildlife. We are constantly learning and applying new methods of exclusion that are not only effective, but does not hurt the wildlife. This is why we will work close with you about our plan for your home and property.

This is also why we have many different methods to tackle the same problem. Is vent covers not working? How about reflectors to keep them away? How about sprays to deter them from coming near? Is there anything in your yard attracting them? We will not rest until your home is safe, and that we treat these wildlife with care. Because at Blue Ridge we get wildlife out, then we make them stay out. Call us at 1 800 929 763 for humane animal exclusion here in Virginia today.

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