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Animals Converging into Salem Virginia

Salem Wildlife Removal

Humane Salem Wildlife Removal

Blue Ridge Wildlife and Pest Management is a full service wildlife and pest control company that is located here in the Roanoke and Salem area. We do everything from wildlife inspections, wildlife removal, and wildlife exclusion and repairs. Our services can help you deal with bats, snakes, birds, raccoons, rodents and more. Our goal is not just removal, but to make sure that these wildlife get out and stay out. We will not rest until you feel safe in your home and yard, and will help with all your Salem Wildlife Removal needs!

When we get to work, we first start by inspecting your home and yard for free, after we have confirmed sightings of wildlife issues such as tracks, damage, and feces we will go over with you our plan for your home. Our methods are safe and humane, which is why we focus on removal and exclusion. Instead of poison, we focus on preventing them from wanting to, and getting in, in the first place.

After we finish with exclusion and made sure that they wont be coming back, we will start on repairs from the holes and damages these wildlife have made. We strive to make sure that its like the animals never appeared in the first place.

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About Salem Wildlife Removal

Our Company is located right in Blue Ridge, which makes Salem right in our backyard! We serve all throughout southwestern Virginia, especially in Roanoke county and the surrounding areas. We pride ourselves in humane, professional, and most importantly, effective wildlife removal and exclusion. After 25 years of working here in Roanoke, we know Salem like the back of our hand. From Natural Bridge, all the way to Radford and Lynchburg we cover everywhere near Salem Virginia. We will work everywhere that as wildlife issues. Dorm rooms in Roanoke College? Farms near Chamblissburg? Suburbs of Glenvar? We serve everywhere. We pride ourselves that no matter where it is, we will make sure that wildlife gets out, and stays out.

Where Are They in Your Salem Home?

Chimneys are the largest opening for animals to get into your home. Raccoons, Birds, and Squirrels love to nest in chimneys, and sometimes they fall in and land in your living room! We offer chimney caps to make sure that they cannot get in, and to let the smoke out without any issues.

Wildlife on your Salem roof may not seem like an issue. But eventually, they will want to get inside and cause damage when they do. Animals such as raccoons or squirrels love places that are hard for predators to get into and a safe place to build a nest to raise young. And areas such as the inside of your roof are ideal. If you are unsure if you have animals in your attic call us for the premiere Salem Wildlife Removal today for a free inspection

Vents such as dryer vents, bathroom and kitchen vents, and attic vents are one of the easiest ways wildlife can get into your home. If they are uncovered, it is a hole that leads directly into your home! they are great places for birds to build their nest and is a major health and fire hazards if not taken care of.

Places such as kitchens and bathrooms are other places where you can find wildlife in your home. Snakes and Rodents are the calls we get the most in the common areas of the home. And if you have snakes, odds are you have prey in your homes such as insects or rodents.

Soffits (The overhanging part of the roof) and gutters are extremely common areas where we find wildlife. Water damage can make small holes allowing animals such as squirrels and rodents to crawl through to get access to your home, and are a pain to get rid of on your own.

Raccoons, skunks, moles, and more are infamous for lawn damage. But not only that, but you also have to worry about snakes such as the Copperhead and the Timber Rattlesnake. We offer snake repellent and other wildlife repelling services to make sure that they do not come back

Many species of wildlife love to be in your basement or crawlspace. Snakes, Raccoons, and rodents are but a few we find down there. Basements are easy to get to and make it an easy home to hide from predators. Or in some cases such as snakes, a place to find prey.

Skunks, raccoons, and even snakes like to be underneath your deck and patio. One is venomous while the others can cause damage to the deck and your home. Getting these animals will be cramped and extremely dangerous as your face will be on their level. Calling a professional is highly recommended.

Once wildlife can get in, they will rarely show themselves to humans. The vast majority of the time, if they are inside, they are in your walls. At Blue Ridge, we find that exclusion and removal work best. To keep them out of your walls, we need to find where they are coming from. Unsure if you have wildlife in your walls? Call us for premiere Salem Wildlife Removal Today!

Frequently Encountered Salem Wildlife


A bird Flying out of a Salem Home's Vent

You wouldn’t expect birds to be a problem for homeowners, but these flying animals love to get into vents to nest. These nests trap heat and particles that can ignite and can clog air vents which can quickly become a fire hazard. Their droppings carry many diseases and their nests attract parasites. It’s not uncommon for these insects to come out of bathroom and stove vents as birds build their nests. Here in Salem, you also have to worry about a particular species of bird, woodpeckers. They make hundreds of holes in the side of your house which can get bigger and other animals can get into your house. It’s a hassle to keep these birds out of your house. Especially if they are above ground floor.

If you want to learn more about Bird Removal click here.

Inspection – We will search the home for vent openings such as dryer vents, oven vents, chimneys, etc. These openings will allow wildlife to get in, and their covers could have eroded over time, or never installed in the first place. Then we try to find other openings such as attic vents, holes in the soffits and gutters for any other areas of potential damage. We will base these inspections on what you the customer have told us and any other evidence such as abundant bird droppings.

Removal and Exclusion – When we start we will remove the nests from your property that are nesting in your home. We will remove them from the vents, chimney, soffits, and then clean out debris. After removal we will install vent covers and if wanted, install bird exclusion devices such as bird spikes, visual reflectors, acoustic emitters, and sprays. Each home is different so we apply many different tactics as one method may not work for your home.

Repairs – Our repairs mostly involve adding covers to vents and sanitation. While the birds are gone, the insects and parasites they carry will not be. Last thing you’d want is a bug falling out onto your stove or bathroom.


Snakes play an important role to the ecosystem here in Salem. They reduce rodent and insect populations and control pest populations in your garden and home. These reptiles do no harm to your home and prefer to be left alone to rest and to hunt. So if you find a snake in your garden or yard leave it alone and it will go away.

Salem has two types of venomous snakes, the Eastern Copperhead and the Timber Rattlesnakes. These snakes can be deadly as their bite will require you to go to the emergency room. We know that your family and loved ones are you top priority so if you have a snake in your home or you frequently see them in your yard give us a call. As abundant snakes means that you have a rather large rodent problem on your hands.

Inspection – When we begin our inspection we will search for snake skins, droppings, the snake, and most importantly prey. Snakes only frequent areas where food is plentiful, and they often travel to areas where these is food. This means that if you have snakes in your yard or home, then that means you have a lot of prey animals around or in your home. We offer free inspections where not only do we search for evidence for snakes, but for prey as well.

Removal and Exclusion – We make sure to remove these snakes humanely and safely according to Virginia’s Laws. While the law states that we can kill if warranted we make sure that, that is the last resort as how beneficial they are to the environment. We use repellents and traps to make sure that they do not come back, and we will check frequently to make sure that they are effective.

Repairs – Snakes do not damage homes, but we are happy to remove snake skin and droppings from your property. We will discuss with the homeowners how to prevent snakes in the future, such as plants that work as a natural repellent or removal of debris that snakes like to hide in.


Caught Raccoon here in Salem Virginia

Raccoons are nocturnal, which means they are active during the night. Which is why you tend to find the evidence of raccoons rather than raccoons themselves. Contrary to their appearance, a raccoon’s jaws and claws are tough and sharp which can be used to easily damage homes and trash cans if it wanted to break in.

These animals carry many diseases such as roundworms, leptospirosis and rabies. And when they feel threatened they will attack, which will allow them to spread these diseased. Due to this, never approach a raccoon without protection and a plan. Especially if one is out during the day as day roaming raccoons are very likely to have rabies. Due to the danger calling a professional is highly recommended.

Inspection – We offer free inspections which include searching the areas where they were seen and trying to find the location of their nest if they are nesting in your home. We search for evidence such as damage, footprints, and feces.

Removal and Exclusion –  We use Bait and traps that are installed near the entrances and near where they are frequently seen, which we will check frequently. We also install one way doors on the entrances so that they can leave, but they cannot get back in.

Repairs – After we have confirmed we have fully removed the raccoons from your home, we will start on the repairs. We will seal up the holes, remove the one-way-doors, and remove and replace contaminated insulation. We will also decontaminate the area which includes the removal of fecal and animal matter, cleaning the messes, and spraying to stop the growth of bacteria and parasites in the area.


Up close image of a Bat
Bats are extremely important to Virginia’s ecosystem and are vital in keeping our insect population in check. But if there is a colony roosting in your home, suddenly you are dealing with a much larger problem. Bats are very messy and when roosting, their guano will accumulate and will cause many health issues if left alone. This guano will cause respiratory issues for children, elderly, and anyone with asthma. this guano also attracts insects such as fleas, ticks, and bat bugs. Bats also can carry rabies, an extremely dangerous disease that you must get a shot for as it is 100% fatal if symptoms start showing.


These animals are frequently found in the attic, roof, basements, and the soffits. You can find them out and about during dusk when they leave their roost to hunt. But if you see a bat during the day do not get near it as it is a sign that it has rabies. In general you should never get close to bats due to their susceptibility to the virus. Click here for more information on bats.

Inspection – When we inspect your home for bats, we commonly search areas around your roof and soffit to find openings and guano. Because if we find a lot of guano, then we can easily pinpoint where they are getting into your home. We will also check other areas of the home such as the chimney, fascia and attic vents for signs of bats. The attic vents is one of the most common places where we find bats in the home.

Removal and Exclusion – We here at Blue Ridge remove bats as humanely as possible. We do not do any extermination methods on bats, as we find that to be highly unethical. Due to this, we find the best method for bat removal is bat exclusion. Instead of physically removing them, we install one-way-doors so that they can leave their roost, but they cannot get back in, forcing them to roost elsewhere.

Repairs – After we confirm that the bats have all left we will remove the one-way-doors and install guards that blend in with your home to prevent them from roosting in your home again. Afterwards we will start the cleaning and disinfecting process. This cleaning and disinfecting involves removing and spraying down areas that the bat guano has touched. Due to the nature of bat guano, this process is hazardous and must be done by professionals with the right protective equipment to keep themselves safe.


Salem Gray Squirrel Caught by one of Our Technicians - Salem Wildlife Removal

In Southwestern Virginia, we have two species of squirrels that we treat differently: tree squirrels and flying squirrels. While both are squirrels, their habits and dangers are different. Flying squirrels can glide and are nocturnal, but most importantly they are carriers for the disease called Typhus. A disease that has caused millions of deaths throughout history, but is now a rare occurrence. But almost all of the occurrences of Typhus here in the United States has come from flying squirrels.

But these squirells and flying squirrels can be a menace in other ways. They can tear open shingles and burrow holes in soffits to get into your home to nest and have children. Which can attract other pests such as insects, parasites, and predators such as snakes.

Click here to learn more about our squirrel trapping.

Inspection – We will inspect your home for squirrel activity such as: openings in your home, nesting debris, and feces. We will also pay close attention to signs of intrusion attempts such as claw marks and scratches on rain gutters and on the soffits

Removal and Exclusion – Squirrels are very skittish and breed frequently, which makes their trapping extremely difficult. This is why we outsmart them by installing one-way-doors, live traps, and other deterrents such as pellets and sprays. We will treat these animals according to Virginia Laws; as humanely as possible

Repairs –  If we find squirrel damage in eaves or gutters, we will repair it on the spot. We take pride in ensuring your home looks just like it did before the squirrels started making a mess. This includes decontamination, nest cleaning, and removal.



A Rat here in Salem - Salem Wildlife Removal
Rats can become a major problem very quickly due to how much they reproduce and spread disease. An infestation of two can become 20 within a few months. Which is why once you have rats it would be extremely difficult to get rid of them. These rodents will invade anywhere where there is food. From low income apartments to million dollar mansions, these pests will invade anywhere.
These pests cause property damage, spread disease, and eat your food. Rats will also carry parasites such as fleas and ticks, which historically been the source of many of humanities deadly diseases. They also wreak havoc by chewing wires and destroying insulation which can start fires and run up your electric and heating bills.

Inspection – Rats are very messy, so finding them is not difficult. When you have a problem with rats, we often find droppings and nests very quickly as their evidence is very apparent. We look for signs of infestation such as droppings or movement on walls, ceilings, and floors.

Removal and Exclusion – All homes are different. There is a difference between the Forest House near Fairview and the home near Fairlawn. We typically use one-way doors and spray to keep rats out, but we’ll tell you about planning your unique home.

Repairs – Our team can apply caulk to cracks, and seal holes, install grilles in vents, and even clean up after rodent removal, including removing nests and removing excrement and other animal matter.



Their Name says it all Blue Ridge Wildlife are The Professional’s to call when you’ve got a creeper! From the first call made to the friendly young ladies on the phones, to the next day appointment, where “Cedric” came out and immediately recognized the smell and even the entry point of what he thought to be a Raccoon in the attic space! Although there was not an entry to the attic from the house itself, two days later a team had come out to fix the issue, built a custom made trap; and got rid of the squatter! Thank you Blue Ridge, you’ve got my business for sure! Fast, easy, reasonably priced, for a great job done! I highly recommend!

Veronica Jenkins

Excellent overall experience. Extremely knowledgeable and informative and such an easy and smooth encounter from Olivia with scheduling/billing to Cedric and his professionalism and experience handling my issue(s) in the field/at my home. They don’t just give you lip service and tell you what they want you to hear, they do what they say they are going to do!!

I would highly recommend Blue Ridge Wildlife to anyone needing similar service(s).

B.J. Wentz

I had a bat issue and contacted Blue Ridge wildlife. They scheduled Ben to come to my house for a free inspection and quote. Cedric was totally thorough, personable and professional. I signed the contract that day. Cedric came back out and did an excellent job. He completed each step of the process seamless and with no interruption to our daily fives. The bad experience of having the bats was quickly resolved by Cedric. I would hire the company again if I have any wildlife issues. They even guarantee the work for a year with the ability to renewal the warranty after the year. I can not say enough praises about Blue Ridge and definitely the most praises go to Cedric for the job he did

Bridgett Butler

Frequently Asked Wildlife Questions in Salem

When Should I Call Wildlife Removal?2022-12-09T18:16:27+00:00

If you believe you might have an animal getting into your home you have to call as soon as possible. The longer you wait the more damage the wildlife can do to your home. They may start nesting and starting to have babies and suddenly instead of one or two animals to deal with you have a whole family!

At Blue Ridge Wildlife & Pest Management we offer free inspections, if you are unsure do not worry as we will still do a thorough inspection of your home for your main issue and any others that we can find. You are in safe hands with us!

Is There Any Seasonal Activity for Wildlife in Southwest Virginia?2022-12-09T18:02:36+00:00

Mice and Rats tend to be active all year, while they may not go out as much during the winter, they can still be found inside where it is warm. But most pests are active during the Spring, Summer, and Fall.  Bats however tend to be more active in the early fall as they will be on their way to their nesting spot for hibernation.

We serve all throughout Salem, all the way to Waynesboro down through Wytheville, and more!

If you are unsure if we are in your area give us a call!

Blue Ridge Wildlife is your best bet for premium Salem Wildlife Removal. Give us a call if you are in these Zip Codes 24153, 24155 and 24157.

Salem has been around since 1887, due to this, much of the wildlife has gotten used to humans and many species tend to nest in the homes here.

In the city, rodents, birds, and squirrels make up most of our calls. But the closer you get to the forest edge in places such as Hanging Rock or Waburn the more likely you can find snakes, raccoons, and skunks.

In the countryside such as in Highland or the areas around Dublin is where you can find more flying animals such as Bats or Flying Squirrels, as the wide space gives them a better view of prey.

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