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Virginia Wildlife Removal

Protect Your Home and Family with Expert Virginia Wildlife Removal Services from Blue Ridge

Say Goodbye to Wildlife and Hello to a Pest-Free Home with our Virginia Wildlife Removal program!

Are pests ruining your peace of mind and making your home feel like a jungle? Fear no more, Blue Ridge Wildlife and Pest Management is here to help!

Think of us as your personal superhero team, ready to save the day with our wildlife biologist experts. We’ve got the knowledge and experience to handle any wildlife problem, but what sets us apart is our gentle touch. We remove pests in a way that’s safe for both you and the animals, making it a win-win situation.

At Blue Ridge, we believe in providing expert help with a heart. That’s why our team of experienced and degreed wildlife biologists are committed to the highest standard of respect and care for all creatures. Whether it’s removing pests from your home or providing humane wildlife removal services, we go above and beyond to make sure that both your property and the well-being of animals are protected.

When You Choose Blue Ridge, You’re Getting the Ultimate Wildlife Removal Package

  • Expert help from the best of the best – experienced and knowledgeable degreed wildlife biologists! Think of them as a combination of Batman and Robin, but for pests.

  • Humane and safe Wildlife Exclusion methods that will have you and the animals jumping for joy. It’s like having a magician who makes pests disappear without a trace.

  • Total protection for your home, family, and health from damaging pests. It’s like having a fortress around your home, keeping out all the bad guys.

  • The ultimate standard of respect and care for all creatures. We treat every animal with the love and care that you would give your own pet.

One of our technicians catching a raccoon from the chimney showing the need for Southwestern Virginia Wildlife Removal

Serving Southwestern Virginia, including Roanoke, Lynchburg, Lexington, Radford, and Salem, Blue Ridge Wildlife and Pest Management is the go-to solution for your pest and nuisance wildlife problems. Don’t wait for pests to take over your home. Call in the experts at Blue Ridge Wildlife and Pest Management today and say hello to a pest-free home!

We Handle All Wildlife Here in Virginia

At Blue Ridge, we understand that there are many different animals that can invade your home and property here in Western Virginia. We are committed to humane, safe, and effective Animal Removal, and Wildlife Control with our trained specialists. Venomous Snakes, Bats, Rodents, Birds, Moles and Voles, Raccoons, and even Deer are a few of the animals we handle. However, we do not handle domesticated pets such as Dogs and Cats. If you have a dog or cat issue please contact your local animal control.

Our 4 Step Process in Making Your Home Safe in Virginia

Blue Ridge Technician showing one of our customers how we do Virginia Wildlife Inspections
One of our technicians removing wildlife from a vent, afterwords he will do wildlife repairs
One of our techs adding in wildlife exclusion to the basement of a virginia home
a beaver caught in one of our humane wildlife traps, where we will release them per Virginia's laws

Service Area for Virginia Wildlife Removal

Our Service area. Call today for Virginia Wildlife Removal

Blue Ridge Wildlife Services all throughout Southwestern Virginia. To name a few cities: Lynchburg, Lexington, Buena Vista, Roanoke, Salem, Danville, Martinsville, Covington, Radford, Bristol, and anywhere in between are cities that we actively service.

We also service all the way to the southwestern tip of Virginia. However we mainly deal with bats in that area, but give us a call anyways! We may have a technician in your area currently ready to help you for Virginia Wildlife Removal!

What Our Customers Have to Say

This company was amazing to work with. We heard some animal activity in our attic, and Jason came to investigate and did a really thorough and careful assessment of every inch of our home. He was such pleasure to work with not only did he stay past dark fixing compromised areas in our roof, but he kept me informed every step of the way explaining his findings and what he was doing to fix the issues. He sent us a detailed description of his work along with pictures as well. I highly Recommend Blue Ridge Wildlife for their fantastic customer service and their high level performance.

Dena Singer

I highly recommend Blue Ridge Wildlife and Pest Management. We were having some construction done in our bedrooms, which led to my daughter sleeping in the finished attic. She was hearing some sort of small animal activity up there every night. Joe from Xceptional came out for a quote. He was awesome. Cedric came out to do the first step of the work, and a week later Jason came back to finish up everything. It feels nice to know that anything still up there had a week to get out safely and now everything is fully sealed so nothing can enter our attic crawl space again. They are a very responsive and easy company to work with. Everyone who came to do work here was lovely. And the prices were incredibly fair.

Charissa West

Highly recommend for any wildlife removal needs! I had squirrels nesting under solar panels on the roof and was super confident in Blue Ridge’s expertise and solution. Jason and Cedric came back multiple times to finish the job, rain or shine. Thank you Jason & Cedric!

Kelsey Turchi

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