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Virginia Mosquito Control

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Quick Mosquito Information

Species in Virginia: 65

Common Locations: Pools, Ponds, Any Stagnant Water

Damages: Nothing

Health Concerns: West Nile, Malaria, Zika, Dengue

Mosquitos on Your Property?

Do you have clouds of mosquitos on your property? Mosquitos are a major and common occurrence for Virginia homeowners. Not only do you have to worry about itchy bites, but you also have to worry about the multitude of diseases that can come with bites. You can solve the issue with repellent, but they are smelly and uncomfortable. At Blue Ridge Wildlife and Pest Management, we offer a Mosquito Control program where we will make sure that no mosquitos will plague your property.

Mosquito Health Hazard

Mosquitos are a well-known carrier for West Nile Virus, even though the last major outbreaks occurred in 2003 and 2012, there are still cases of this disease here in Virginia. This virus will present no symptoms in 8 out of 10 people. However 2 out of 10 will show symptoms such as headache, body pain, joint pain, diarrhea, vomiting, and a rash. In even rarer cases the virus will cause severe illnesses in all age groups which will lead to high fever, coma, convulsions, and paralysis.

Although much rarer there have been cases in the US of Zika and Dengue. Approximately about 2000 cases of malaria are diagnosed each year here in the United States all of which are due to mosquito bites. To protect yourself and your family, make sure to wear mosquito repellent when outside, especially in the summer and fall.

Virginian Mosquito Sucking Blood

Use Mosquito Repellent When Outside

Mosquitos can carry Malaria and West Nile Virus here in Virginia. While getting the illnesses are rare, and showing symptoms even rarer, if you are in an area with many mosquitos your chances for catching them will rise. It is better to be safe than to risk exposure.

Our Mosquito Control Services

Here at Blue Ridge Wildlife and Pest Management, we know that making your yard bite free is a necessity. And depending on your yard, household remedies or store-bought mosquito repellents will not be enough to keep mosquitos at bay. Our Mosquito Control Services involves a free inspection and controlling mosquito populations on your property.

Free Mosquito Inspection

If you are unsure where the mosquitos are coming from do not worry! As we offer a free mosquito inspection with zero obligation. That means that we will find where they are coming from free of charge. During our inspection, we will also search for other pests such as bees, ants, rodents, snakes, and bats. We will search for traces of stagnant water and areas where mosquitos love to lay their eggs at. This includes pools, ditches, ponds, lakes, and yard debris that can hold stagnate water such as tires or tarps.

Mosquito Control

So how do we do mosquito control? After our inspection where we found the problem areas, we will spray safe but effective chemicals that will kill mosquito eggs. We will spray in all areas where there is stagnant water. After which we will switch to our repellent chemicals which will make sure that they will not come back. We will come back frequently to respray the areas around your home to form a barrier against these pests.

Our skilled technicians will also speak with you on how to mitigate mosquitos from now on. We will tell you where they like to hide on the property, and how to safely control the mosquitos so that your yard will be bite-free again.

Frequently Asked Mosquito Questions

How To Get Rid of Mosquito Bites
  • Wash the area with soap and water
  • Apply ice
  • If itchy apply a mixture of baking soda and water (enough to make a paste) or use store-bought antihistamine and follow the package's instructions.
I have A Pond, how do I control Mosquitos?
  • Keep the water moving.
    Mosquito eggs cannot survive with a current. So to curb mosquitos add an aeration pump or a fountain to create motion. Aeration also adds oxygen to the water allowing fish and other animals to thrive, and culling mosquitos even more.
  • Remove or curb Algae.
    When larvae hatch they will need food to survive, since larvae do not require blood they need other sources such as algae. Adding algaecide will remove algae from your pond, but it may kill the fish living in your pond depending if they feed on algae.
  • Add some critters to your pond
    Adding some native animals to your ponds such as tadpoles, minnows, and other aquatic animals will help kill mosquitos and eat their larvae. Make sure that the animals you put into your pond are native to Virginia. Otherwise, doing so is Highly Illegal and Unethical. You will damage your local ecosystem if you are not careful.
What Are Mosquitos Attracted To?

Mosquitoes are attracted to the carbon dioxide humans and other animals give off. They also have other things that they are attracted to such as body heat and sweat.

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