Animals Converging into Salem Virginia

Animal Damage Repair

Small Repairs Will Prevent Large Headaches

A small hole in your soffit, vent cover, sidings, and attic vent may not seem to be a big deal. However, wildlife love places such as these, and these holes will allow rodents, birds, bats, and squirrels free access to the inside of your home. These animals will then leave droppings, urine, build nests, and invite insects such as fleas and ticks in your attic or walls. Now instead of a small hole, you now have wildlife in your home! Call Blue Ridge Wildlife & Pest Management so our technicians can inspect your home for any potential entry points, and for professional animal damage repair.

Animal Feces Cleanup, Sanitation and Disinfection

Wildlife may bite, sting, and scratch you, but the most dangerous aspect of animals is the diseases they carry. These diseases can be spread from their urine, feces, fur, the insects they carry, and dead animals. Worse yet, all of these will attract pests and even other animals to your home. Suddenly after dealing with one pest you will have another.

Diseases and Dangers of Animal Droppings

Animal feces can grow bacteria and fungi that are hazardous to your lungs, which can lead to fatal illnesses. Such diseases as histoplasmosis, salmonella, plague, E. Coli, hookworm, and many different parasites. These droppings will damage and contaminate insulation which will be needed to be replaced.

Common Places to find Animal Droppings

We commonly find droppings in the attic where squirrels, bats, raccoons, and rodents love to nest at. We also find droppings in the garage, the kitchen, and the bathroom.

The worst animals we encounter when it comes to messes are bats, as the mess is numerous and worst of all one of the most dangerous due to the quantity. You will need professional Animal Damage Repair and Sanitation to make sure no sicknesses can infect you or your family.

Bat Guano in the Attic in need for Animal Damage Repair

Attic Repairs & Insulation Replacement

Wildlife especially bats, raccoons, and rodents are extremely messy and will lead to many different issues. These wildlife often carry insects and parasites such as fleas, ticks, mites, and bat bugs. These insects, call ectoparasites will stay in your home until you remove them. They will stay even if the animals leave, which will lead them to focus on you.

Another issue is damage to your insulation. Wildlife such as raccoons, squirrels, and rodents love to tear into insulation to make nests or to defecate. This damage if left for too long will require the insulation to be completely replaced as removing all the insects and bacteria will be impossible.

At Blue Ridge Wildlife & Pest Management we will not only remove the damaged insulation, but we will also replace it according to US Department of Energy Guidelines. However our disinfectant and repair programs could repair and sanitize your insulation without it needing to be replaced. Call us today for a free inspection for Attic Repair and Animal Damage Repair.

Other Home Repairs

Roof Repair

If wildlife made a hole in your roof or your shingles, we offer repair services to fix any hole that these pests have made. Fixing these holes will not only prevent any damage from the weather, but also serve to exclude wildlife from your attic

Feces Removal and Dead Animal Removal

We offer dead animal removal for anywhere in your home. Is it in a hard to reach place, we have the tools needed to grab it for you. We offer full sanitation and cleanup services so that not only is the feces or animal is removed, we will make it as if it never happened. Our sanitation services cleans and removes any bacteria and parasites that came from the feces or dead animal.

Soffit and Gutter Repairs

Holes in your soffit or gable? We offer repairs as part of our exclusion services. Because we cannot in good faith exclude animals without repairing the holes where they are coming from.

Vent Covers and Vent Repairs

During our inspection if we find that your vent covers or vents are in need of repair we will let you know and fix them so no animal can get through. Animals in vents can cause many different problems including a major fire hazard.

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